Design, design design…

How to build a raft? We googled this a long, long time ago and have slowly, incrementally gotten closer and closer to how we want to make the raft. Since the idea started to turn into a real plan, we have both spend many hours cycling and thinking about how to make it. Which materials, which size, how to make the joints, how to make the raft durable and strong, yet a little hydrodynamic and not too heavy. The concept we are attempting will now be a 9 x 4m raft: spacious, with a front terrace, a back terrace and a comfortable 4 x 4 m roofed house.


Yes, it is big, but so is the Amazon River. For 3 long months we will be floating down the river, and we want some space and comfort. With an Amazon River more than 2 kilometres wide, a couple of extra meters on our raft, doesn’t make that much of a difference. And the materials should be cheap: Plastic barrels, bamboo frame, wooden plywood floor and a simple house walled with mosquito-nets.


Can’t wait to get started with the construction. Our own raft, floating down the largest river on Earth, The Amazon, 4000+km through 3 countries.

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