A great thanks to the owners of these helpful companies who chose to support the adventure:

Arn Consulting ArnConsulting logo

Arn Consulting is a Marine Engineering Consultancy and actively supporting the adventure behind showmeamazonas.com by financing part of the raft and various equipment such as a GPS, an electronic navigational chart and a satellite-phone. The concept of marine design and construction, safety at sea and general engineering project execution in foreign countries are core elements of Arn Consulting.

Arn Consulting are assisting Energy Companies, Offshore Contractors and Engineering Consultants in the planning and execution of offshore windfarms throughout the North European Markets


Oreneco is a proud sponsor of showmeamazonas.com as Oreneco also are aligned with the concept of hard work, good planning and a stubborn will to exercise projects in foreign countries and cultures. Oreneco is helping with the financing of the construction materials for the raft.

Oreneco offers services within the offshore renewable energy sector: Construction Management, Offshore Client Representation, Health& Safety and QA. Since the beginning of the offshore wind farm industry, Oreneco has been involved in the construction of these huge projects to create clean energy at sea. Together, Oreneco staff have been involved in more than 10 offshore wind farm projects and have a vast experience in construction and wind turbine installation.

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