The Raft is coming to life!

???????????????????????????????Think, discuss, measure the bamboo, cut, install and tie with wire and rope. Piece by piece, the raft is being assembled and is starting to take shape. We have a fairly good design for the raft and know have to calculate and plan. But we still lack the experience with the practical work and the actual carpentry, especially with bamboo: A material that we have little experience with. Our local landlord has lots of experience and has proven really helpful with a practical approach and actual concepts of how to make a strong, stable, exact joint. He recently constructed a 2-floor house from bamboo and wood and knows what he is doing.

We took a day off to go explore a waterfall, hidden away in the jungle. A beautiful place to swim, relax and think of something else for a day. Together with a bunch of newly acquired friends and travellers, we had a lovely day exploring the jungle and photographing it. I am mesmerized by the overwhelming nature, the sounds, the colors, the shapes and the sizes of the jungle.


The local kids are swimming, screaming and playing on our raft, as we try to focus on measurements and the actual work. What is it? Where are you going? To Brazil?! For how long time? Why? Old and young, the locals are very interested in our raft and we take our time to talk, explain and listen to their suggestions. The materials for the floor and the roof have arrived and a day later the floor is cut into correct pieces and nailed to the raft: Things aren’t exactly perpendicular or straight, but we cut and fit the floor-pieces the best we can.


We only need to install the roof and the actual raft is ready.  Then we need the furnishing: Mosquito net for walls, rollable plastic for rain protection for the walls, homemade bamboo furniture, a little fire/bbq place, simple toilet (read: a hole in the raft-floor), a rain-water collection system for drinking water, an engine and some sort of simple gas-based kitchen stove, fishing equipment. There are still a lot of things to consider before heading into the vast empty nothingness called Amazonia, unsupported.



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One thought on “The Raft is coming to life!

  1. Ahhhhhh. I envy you

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